Cain's Creekside RV Park now has several extended stay sites priced from $375.00 - $425.00 per month.

Our newest sites have concrete pads. We have 45 full hook up sites and 5 sites with electricity and water only for a total of 50 sites.  

 Prices  Updated & Effective Beginning July 2016 

          Check in hours between 1:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m.  Our office hours are 9:00am to 6:00pm. If your running late, the lobby or check room/area will be open until 8:30pm or dark whichever comes first. Check Out time before 11:01 a.m. 


                                         Specials listed below in Red                               

We are affiliated with Passport of America. With proof of current Passport America membership your nightly CASH  rate is 1/2 price. This is $20.00 per couple per night. For each additional person the rate is  $3.00 per night.

Total CASH only price for 2 including taxes $20.00 - To get this highly discounted rate one must be a Passport America member, have proof of membership & pay cash upon arrival.

 If one chooses to pay via VISA or MASTERCARD  upon arrival, the total price for a couple is $22.00 Simply put -  if we offer one the Passport rate without reservations, upon arrival we want to be paid in cash.

We offer a 25% discount off of our regular nightly rate to Good Sam's members,  AARP members, and Military. So, your rate is only $30.00 per night.

     For all other great campers that are not Passport America, Good Sam's, AARP, or Military our regular rate is $40.00 per night, but we have a special for you too. Stay 2 nights @ $40.00 per night the 3rd night is FREE. This is $80.00 for 3 nights; this figures to be under $27.00 per night.

We have a very special price on a Full Week (7 Night Stay). Full Hook Up for a Couple $150.00.  Nights 1 through 5 @ $30.00 each & your last 2 nights are free. For each additional person the rate is $21.00/week.

    Price for a 30 day stay on a Back In Site on the North Side of the Creek  $375.00 for up to 2 folks.   More than 2 folks? The additional charge is $25.00 per person per month. Over night visitors $2.00 per person per night.  Our long pull through water front site on the North Side of lake - Site 1 A, is priced @ $425.00 - same price as sites behind the office. 

Our $425.00 sites also include us picking up your garbage and us dumping it into our dumpster. For those folks staying on a $375.00 Site, If you would like for us to pick up your garbage and dump it in our dumpster, we offer this service for an additional $20.00 per month.

Price for a 30 day stay on the South Side of Creek (Sites Behind the Office) $425.00 for up to 2 people.  More than 2 folks? The additional charge is $25.00 per person per month.  Over night visitors $3.00 per person per night. 

All prices include taxes. 

 Most Pull Through Sites on the water are reserved for folks staying 10 days or less. We have several back in sites on the water for folks staying  over 10 days

We will occasionally rent a Pull Thru Water Front Site near the back for the right extended stayer.  The monthly rate for a Full Hook Up Pull Thru Site on the water is $425.00.



For folks that stay by the day or week we have a Non Refundable Deposit/Cancellation Fee of $20.00.

For folks that stay by the month we have a $25.00 Non Refundable Deposit/ Cancellation Fee & you will be charged for your time of stay at our regular daily rate of $40.00.  For example if you stay only 3 days we will deduct $25.00 + $120.00  for a total due of $145.00.  $375.00 - $145.00 = your refund of $230.00.



 ------- Cain Plantation Estates & Cain Rentals ------- 

Up Scale MOBILE HOME LOTS   $225.00*    Lot, Water, Sewer & Lawn Maintenance is Included.   Please see  our COVENANTS CPE page.

HOME RENTAL RATES FOR SINGLE WIDES range from $500.00 - $550.00  --  This Price Includes The House, Lot, Water, Sewer, & Yard Maintenance.

HOME RENTAL RATES FOR DOUBLE WIDES range from $550.00 - $600.00  --  This Price Includes The House, Lot, Water, Sewer, & Yard Maintenance. 


 ---------------------------------- CAIN'S CREEKSIDE RV PARK  --------------------------

The Daily Rate is $40.00 (taxes included) for a couple plus $3.00 for each additional person.   

The Weekly Rate is $200.00 (taxes included) for a couple plus $21.00 for each additional person.

The Monthly Rate is $375.00 - $425.00 for a couple plus $25.00 for each additional person.  

Storage only $15.00 per month per axle.   No hook ups allowed.

At ALL of our sites we offer Full Hook Up - water, sewer, garbage can, and electricity.  FREE Wi-Fi through-out the park for your internet connection.  We maintain your Site by cutting your grass and trimming your hedge.  Our sites are BIG RIG freindly with wide roads and most of our SITES ON THE WATER ARE PULL THROUGH.  Most of our sites are 40' or more in width.

If you have an antenna the reception is very good here - you should pick up 14+ channels.  The reception for this area is great for a TV antenna or satellite.  We do not offer cable. Extended stay folks may elect to have satellite.    

  • For your convenience and enjoyment, split firewood is available at the office at a  reasonable price of $5.00 for 10 pieces of wood.  With the purchase of 10 pieces of firewood  we will deliver a fire ring to you site upon request.
  • Please do not take advantage of our electricity.  If you connect to the 50 amp socket you are not allowed to also connect to the 30 or 20 amp socket without asking us and paying for this additional service in advance.  The use of the 20 amp service in addition to the 50 amp service is $2.00 per day or $30.00 per month.
  • Phone lines are already in place for the extended stayer behind the office. With a 2 day notice WINDSTREAM will turn your line on for phone service and your very own unlimited WIFI connection. The charge is approximately $25.00 per month. 
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